Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Tribute to Trinity Rose

I try to be very methodical with regard to my discussions on science and faith. However, there are times when systematic reasoning does not apply to this human reality that we live in.

Yesterday was one of those days. Let me explain.

Sunday night, my brother and sister-in-law gave birth to a little girl, Trinity Rose. Her gestational period had only been 23 weeks. This tiny little human being opened her eyes and turned her head toward voices. Her tiny little hand grasped her mother’s thumb. Her legs were the size and length of my fingers, and her arms were the size of my pinky. Her beautifully shaped nose was the size of this letter “O” and her wonderfully fashioned ears were the size of small buttons.

Nevertheless, she was here. She was beautiful and she was human. Weighing only about a pound, she was a human being that Children’s Hospital considered viable. They tried everything to keep her here with her parents.

Regrettably, that was not her fate.

Yesterday afternoon, as my family gathered to see this tiny expression of God’s love, she left us as quietly as she had been formed in her mother’s womb. What she left was more powerful than any words spoken, more beautiful than any rose. What she gave us was a moment in time to imagine God’s love. She left a statement more influential than any legislation, more thoughtful than any philosophical argument.

With the quiet beating of her heart, she said, “I am here. I am a gift from God. Treasure me for these few moments that can I be with you. Love me for my uniqueness; hold me close to your heart."

As I watched Trinity Rose’s mother hold her and her father embrace them both, I experienced a moment lost in time. Though I heard the clock tick away the moments that sweet baby would grace the earth with her presence, everything stopped. A family here as it should be. Loving, protected, meaningful.

As we cry for her parent’s loss, we are graced by her appearance. As we mourn, we are educated. No matter how people argue whether the child in the mother’s womb is viable, no matter how heated the dispute gets, one reality that cannot be denied. This tiny person held her mother’s finger and looked into her eyes. Her mother and father will always treasure her and no legislation can separate these hearts.

Science is a method used to describe nature’s facts. It can never describe what’s in the heart.
Last week, my posting said I would use the Scientific Method to discuss the preborn child. I asked a pro-choice friend of mine to read it, hoping we could discuss her thoughts. She indicated that she couldn’t, it would just make her angry.

I reflected on why that would be. Why would you be angry discussing such a topic? But after yesterday, I understand. Those who fear the truth turn their fear into anger; it is their only weapon, it is their only defense. Once a person is educated on the truths of what it means to be a person, they are forever changed. Some people cannot bear to experience the reality of what that means.

Beginning life issues have always been a topic for the heart. Science can never take the place of that. Abortion, stem cell research, embryonic manipulation, and all other beginning life issues will not be won in the “trenches,” but by the pure persuasion of the heart, by pure love for humanity. Simply put all battles that are truly won by standing at the foot of the Cross. Love given, love received.

That’s what Trinity Rose will always be. Love given. Love received.


Michele Cushatt said...

Uh, could you pass me an e-kleenex??? Loretta, that was absolutely beautiful. An inspiring tribute to one who is inspiring us! You're on my heart so much today, and I will continue to pray for Trinity Rose's family.

Megan DiMaria said...

I'm so sorry for this heartbreak. But how beautifully Trinity Rose is memorialized here. God bless you all.

A prisoner of hope,

Jan Parrish said...

What a blessing that your family was allowed to hold Trinity Rose and experience the miracle of her life.

How difficult for your family to be momentarily separated from her. But what a wonderful welcome she will give you all as you are ushered through heavens gates.May the peace of God surround your family now as you grieve.

My love and prayers are with you all. (((((h)))))

Robbie Iobst said...

Gorgeous words, Loretta. I am so sorry for your loss.

Tracey G said...

I am very sorry for you family's and your loss. Loretta, your words will touch so many, because you speak the truth, which is very much needed in this time. I am praying for you all.

Loretta said...

Thank you to all for reading this tribute. Thank you to my friends who are so loyal.

Thank you most of all for the prayers.


SMW said...

For the family of Trinity Rose. No words can convey my message to you, but please know you are in my prayers.

Beautiful memoriam Loretta

My love,

Kay Day said...

Beautiful, Loretta. What a beautiful heart you have. What a precious moment for you all to share. I know it is heartbreaking, and I am so sorry for the grief you all, especially her parents will bear.

D. Gudger said...


Robin said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of Trinity Rose. I don't understand and it breaks my heart to think of the grief her parents have dealt with and are dealing with... prayers for the whole family!

Robin said...

I just read Jan's comment and agree whole-heartedly!

a. wall said...

Loretta, What a beautiful tribute to Triniy Rose! Such a profound and eloquent memorial of this precious life that will not be forgotten!
God Bless you and your family!