Thursday, November 26, 2009

Language and Chance

Thoughts have been brewing in my mind over the last couple weeks. I have a love for the topic of water, even more than I knew. When a couple of readers voiced questions concerning the true “science” of my topic last time, I wanted to address those concerns.

The main complaint was the concern that Dr. Emoto’s work with language and water crystals might not be a true science. So today, I’m going to give a couple reasons why I believe that water and communication are a real part of science.

First, God created language. Not only did He use language in creation (Genesis 1:3) when He said, “Let there be light”, but He gave language to mankind to communicate with each other. Jewish tradition (Baal Shem Tov) holds that “Let there be a firmament,” was God’s utterance that allowed the universe to come into existence. God used language in creation.

Second, we know that sounds are vibrations on different wavelengths. We know that sound is carried through water (just think of the “pings” that submarines send from ship to ship) as well as air. Different wavelengths of sound are part of speech as different inflections give off different waves.

So combining wavelengths and language not only make sense but show that science is involved with language.

Here’s where I think it gets more interesting.

Our bodies contain on an average 60 percent water. Water covers approximately 70 percent of this earth.

So if we consider Dr. Emoto’s work on speaking words to water and the corresponding crystals they create, have we considered that the things we say to others have a repercussion as well?

Does the water in our body vibrate the same way as the water then photographed as crystals? Why wouldn't it? If we admit this, then is there a possibility that there may be repercussions of what we say (and do) that affect the world?

With respect to our bodies, we know that domestic violence both physical and emotional has increased. Are the ugly words we use with others and our anger affecting our health? Are our cells being generated with malignancies because they are crippled by the devastating words we use? Is this why there is an increase in cancer?

I did just a little research on El Nino to see when it started, what its indications were, and how long people have been recording the effects. A quick glance indicated corresponding time periods between the happenings of the world and the happenings of El Nino.

I believe these are all things to contemplate during this time of year when we consider the coming Christmas season.

Did you know that El Nino was named after the Christ Child? El Nino typically begins around Christmas time and thus the people named it after Jesus.

I don’t believe in accidents. I don’t believe that the same creative God that formed water molecules or our human bodies left things like sound waves or language to chance. I believe that He created a universe in which we are all connected. We are in symbiotic relationship with each other and with nature. And I believe the Master still creates. What a blessing that we can be part of that creative process. With the simple action of saying "I love you," we create. What a gift. What a life! What a blessing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Power of Words

We’ve talked about pain and suffering and found that it is part of our human condition. But how do we ease suffering in the world?

The power of words can be a sword for truth or for hate. And the power of words can either heal or injure.

Doubt it? Dr. Masaru Emoto is a scientist in Japan whose work has been to photograph different types of water in their crystalline form…with a twist. Not only has he taken water from different sources, but he has spoken words to the water as well. Yes, I said he’s talking to water. Odd? I thought so too until I read his New York Times bestselling book, “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

The pictures are amazing and the idea is revolutionary with regards to how we view nature’s most precious resource. The above link will show you some of the pictures including some of the words Dr. Emoto has spoken to water before he’s crystallized and photographed it. Quite breathtaking.

As you scroll down you see pictures of different crystals and how they react to different spoken words. The words “I love you” or “thank you” create beautiful crystal shapes, while the words, “You stupid fool” or “I hate you”, create malformed crystals. Don’t believe it? Try the experiment for yourself.

So the words we speak can transform—and if you read about Dr. Emoto’s work you see that because humans are made up of water, those words affect our very being. Three pictures caught my eye especially on that webpage. The words, “thank you,” “love and appreciation,” and “You make me sick…” Also further down I was intrigued by the idea that praying changed water too.

Recall a time when something to awful was spoken to you that rocked the very core of your being. Now remember a time when you heard the melodic words, “I love you.” I don’t know about you, but even now those experiences are still with me.

The simplest words of love and prayer have powerful effects. Our words contain consequences for suffering. How many times have we prayed for someone and stopped to wonder if our prayers, our words had any effect on the situation? Here we see it! We see that God has put into our very environment the simplest way to see the effects of prayer. If He created water to have this result, how much more is He listening to our very inner most thoughts and prayers?

Knowing this trait of water, understanding that our words mean something, does this affect what we say to each other? How will you greet your loved ones now that you know your words mean everything?