Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soul Vacation

I recently fell in love with a song that I’d heard before. This time I listened to with completely different ears and heart.

Drops of Jupiter by Train
talks about someone who has been on a soul vacation and found herself. The imagery is what got me this time, not the philosophy.

“Did the wind sweep you off your feet?”

Ahhh. Doesn’t that sound fun? That little tummy flip and giggle that goes along with being swept off your feet by a rollercoaster or a plane ride, so cool. So what if this wind swept you off into the universe? Would you do it?

“Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day…”

Hmmm. Doesn’t that sound fun? Imagine for a moment if you were able to ride a wave that chases the sunrise around the world. No worries about time, just enjoying the never ending colors that accompany the ever changing cloud formations.

“Did you fall for a shooting star…”

Can you imagine the sun’s rays bouncing off the millions of tiny frozen crystals from Haley’s comet and you getting to touch them as they float by? Talk about the colors of the rainbow!

“Did you sail across the sun?”

Oh baby! Imagine the most beautiful ship with billowing white sails trailing past the sun and you totally immune to the heat and radiation. Just a visitor on your way to see the Milky Way. No need for provisions, sleep, or any other human necessity. Nothing to keep you from investigating the universe and beyond!

And I won’t stop there. I want to,

“trace my way through the constellation…”

and investigate all though glorious mysteries the universe is waiting to unveil to me.

Though I love this song, there's one part that gets me every time. The lyrics, "that heaven is overrated," just don't jive with me. Yeah, I know they're talking about something completely different, but still...

I've just given you my bucket list…my Heaven’s bucket list. So don’t tell me Heaven is overrated, I don’t believe it.

I won’t be encumbered by this 3D body, no packing coats, long underwear or bringing my handy dandy bottle of water. Just take myself. That’s my kind of soul vacation.

Come with me, nothing better than vacation with friends.