Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer and Physics

I know I promised we’d talk more about Roe v. Wade and the science of abortion, but I’m going to first talk about physics and prayer. I’ll talk more about Roe v. Wade next week.

I recently found out about something called, “Healing the Family Tree.” It’s an interesting philosophical concept that allows people to consider praying for healing in their family and healing for the generations before them. Different huh?

Well, before you go ballistic, think about this. What would you do if you could go back in the past and explain to someone from your family tree how the hurts they caused others still hurts the family today? Would you go back?

Well, you can’t. Physics doesn’t allow it.

But…what if you could send grace to the past? What if you prayed for healing for those who were hurt and asked that they not pass it onto the future generations? Would you do it?

Sound impossible. Well, for humans it is. But, not for God. You see, we’re restricted to space and time. That’s the reality of the third dimension. But time is a creature created by God and therefore not something that restricts God. So consider that such a concept is possible. Prayer isn’t restricted to physics!

Doesn’t that open up tons of possibilities? Healing from abortion, healing from incest, healing from child abuse, healing from family hurts.

So now, imagine with me, what if you sent enough grace to the past that is healed the future. You may alter your own future. Now that’s worth dreaming about, don’t you think?

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