Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Come to Me

To be urged on. Called to. Beckoned…

Come to me.

We all long for that. To be wanted. To be needed. To be loved.

Sometimes we misplace that desire, finding diversions to fulfill that yearning. Those diversions feel safe for a while. Comfortable. But inevitably what is transitory, slips from our grasp. 

We search for meaning. 

That’s when we hear it.

Come to me…

Our heart skips a beat. There is a lump deep in our throat. Our breath is taken away. We want to answer.

Sometimes we hear the calling in a gentle breeze. We see it in the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. We feel it as we watch the tide ebb and flow. We smell it in the powerful scent of a gardenia. We taste it in the first sip of morning coffee. 

We know the call. We dream about it. But do we appreciate where it comes from?

When we are in awe of the stars at night, do we recognize the inexhaustible voice?

Do we see the ever renewable nature and understand where it comes from? 

Each moment is a gift. Each second 2.6 million red blood cells are manufactured in your bone marrow. That means that 3 billion base pairs in each cell are copied to the tune of 2.6 million times each second. That is an immeasurable present. That is an unfathomable event. And yet it happens each second of every day. 

I can appreciate the science of this intellectually. I can comprehend the body’s ability to do this academically. But when I try to understand why, if I don’t have an inkling that something else is out there—something beyond me—then I cease to imagine. It doesn’t make sense. No amount of evolution could have happened in the time earth has been here to accomplish such a task.

I’m not a strict Creationist either. I think there’s something else, something that makes sense with the realm of science and nature that explains it. And I think that eventually our minds will grasp that. But not yet. 


Because we refuse the call.

Just as we wrestle with how gravity fits in with the other natural forces, we wrestle with the understanding of our physical being. Why? Because ultimately we all know that deep within our physical form, we are much more. And that doesn’t make sense.


Because we refuse the call…

Come to me. 

There is a balance between science and faith. There is a home for both. The very ideas that are at odds with each other (because of our limitations) are the very concepts that need to be meshed together. If we decide to solve problems looking from Nature’s eyes, from the renewable, Everlasting Eyes, then we might be able to come up with solutions that make sense, that cure cancer, that unravel the depths of depression. 

But if we continue to have a myopic view of nature and pigeon-hole ideas because they are not material and we can’t hold them in our hands, then we will continue to be handicapped. 

So the next time you hear the call…

Come to me…

Follow your heart. 

The Everlasting is trying to teach you something.

Something of great importance. Something eternal. Something of Truth.

Because in the end, there will be no refusal. Your blood cells will stop making copies, your mind will fail and your physical being will cease.  

And you will be left with the call…

Come to me.


Loretta Oakes said...


Thank you for sharing. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to delete this comment and I ask you to post a shorter one...maybe only part of the chapter that applies to this post. But the whole chapter is causing problems with blogger. For some reason it keeps giving me an error when I try and edit my postings.

Thanks so much for understanding! One thing you can do is post a link to the chapter...that would be much shorter. Then just include a couple lines that make your point with respect to this post.

Love to hear from you, this is just a bit much. :)

Thanks so much.

Hope you are well!

Gabriel said...

That is one out of 114 chapters (Surah) and most amazing one. And do remember that the holy book of Quran is 1400 years old and there is just one version .

It is about blessing of Almighty

i hope you'll like it