Friday, May 21, 2010

The Frequency of Love

Waves are a recurring theme in science. Our five senses are a perfect example.

Sound comes in waves. From our vibrating vocal chords to the vibrations of a violin string, our ears turn those incoming waves into messages that when read by the brain, help us communicate.

Light also travels in waves, which aid our eyes in determining what we are seeing. Again those waves are received by our eyes and messages are interpreted by the brain.

Life reflects science. We have good times and we have bad times, and although we might not notice, they happen with frequency as well. There are some times when we think, “If one more bad thing happens today, I’m going to lose my mind!” And when good things happen, the catch phrase is, “Just relax and ride the wave.”

Nature works much the same way. From the varying frequencies of sunlight, to the ebb and flow of the gentle water caressing the beach sand, creation happens in waves.

I would venture to say that one of the reasons humans connect with nature is because we “understand” the waves. When the trees are caught up in the breezes of the wind, so are we. When the lapping waves kiss the shore, we too are engrossed by the gentle sounds. Some say they feel God in these moments.

Maybe that’s the way He designed it. Our lives ebb and flow along with nature. And when we stop, really stop and commune with nature, we are consoled deep within our being. The gentle breeze becomes the momentary kiss and the immersion of ourselves in water becomes the all encompassing embrace we so desire. These are the moments when God says, “I love you,” and “though you suffer now, it will not always be this way.”

So the God who created the universe with a Big Bang, can also communicate in the quiet recesses of the heart using waves. I take solace in the knowledge that the most powerful God of love speaks to me in the most fragile quiet moment of nature, reminding me of the ebbs and flows of life.


Anonymous said...

Loretta that was beautiful - I totally relate to what you're saying! <3

Loretta said...

Thanks, Helen. I hope alot of us can relate!

Jan's Social Media Management said...

Even Kamyrn loves the wind. Perhaps in her innocence, she is more in tune than most of us.

Loretta said...

I believe that's part of, "Let the children come to me..." part of life we don't get, Jan!