Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Blessing of the Sun Day!

Today has happened less than a dozen times in the history of man.

Today the sun appears in the sky in the same place as it did on the fourth day of creation according to Jewish tradition. Therefore, the Jewish community celebrates this day as the Blessing of the Sun. The Blessing of the Sun comes once every twenty-eight years. Therefore, this is an awesome day.

Today also begins the Jewish holiday of Passover. The Jewish community remembers the day that the Lord saved His people from Pharaoh and the Angel of Death. The Angel of Death passed over the land of Egypt where the Jewish people were enslaved, and saved the first born of all who had the blood of an unblemished lamb above their doorpost.

Christians recognize the sacrifice of the blood of an unblemished lamb as the Savior, Christ personified. Thus, tomorrow begins the most important four days of the Christian calendar; Holy Thursday, which commemorates the Lord’s Last Supper and the introduction of the Eucharist, and Good Friday, which ushers in the day that Jesus died on the cross. Easter Sunday fulfills the promise of Christ in His Resurrection, signifying that he opened the gates of Heaven that had been closed since Adam’s taste of the apple. To Christians, sacrifice and salvation cannot be separated. For Christians, this coming Sunday marks the Blessing of the Son.

So why has this day happened less than a dozen times? Only once in a thousand years does the Blessing of the Sun come on the same day as Passover. Today I celebrate the friendship between my lovely Jewish friend and myself.

Happy Passover, Dr. E. Thank you for your friendship and guidance. I thank the Lord above for you!


tonya said...

Thanks for sharing all that wonderful info. I will pass this on to my kiddos.

Loretta said...


You're welcome. It's nice to learn something, isn't it? I loved it when my Jewish friend passed it on to me.