Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rainbow Waves

I attended a conference last week that was fabulous, but nevertheless, didn’t allow me to update my blog. So I’m finally getting to it today.

We’ve talked about presents from God to us. One of my readers asked about rainbows, so I thought we’d talk about those today.

Wikipedia has a good definition for a rainbow when it says, “…Scientifically, the rainbow comes from the refraction (bending) of white light. White light contains all colors. The rainbow's appearance is caused by dispersion of sunlight as it goes through raindrops… The amount by which light is refracted depends upon its wavelength, and hence its colour.” (

The rainbow uses all the topics we’ve discussed before.

Light consists of waves, just as sound does. We talked about waves in my “Dancing Symphonies” blog on May 5th ( So a rainbow is just another instrument playing in the dancing symphony molded by our Creator. Go to the following link to see the waves in action! (It is fabulous and you can even see the different color’s wavelengths in the picture.)

The facilitator of the rainbow here on Earth is the raindrop and we’ve talked about water before too! In another blog,, I talked about how water is a love symbol given to us by God. My three part series on water talked about the chemical composition of water with respect to the Trinity, the tetrahedrical bonding habits of water as the Hebrew Tetragrammaton (ineffable four letter name for God), and finally many of the Biblical references to water.

Therefore, now we have the instrument of water playing its melody, working together with the song produced from light. With those two pieces together, we can see how God builds a symphony with a rainbow…another gift for us to enjoy.

Is it any wonder that we look on rainbows in awe of what we see? Is it by accident that rainbows symbolize our Creator’s covenant with the earth (Gen. 9:13)?

As humans, we are all unique. There are an infinite number of colors within the white light. God is sometimes seen as the “Perfect White Light”. As that Perfect Light is refracted, the infinite number of colors becomes pronounced. Is this another reflection of being made in God’s image? Maybe working together in harmony, mirrors the reflection of our Lord, humanity too can be a symphony for God. Perhaps there is more to the rainbow than we understand.

See you next week! Thank you for reading my blog and for all your comments.


Kay said...

In Revelation it talks about a rainbow encircling His throne and in another verse, one is above His head.

I love rainbows.

Loretta said...

Nice touch, Kay. I'll look that up.

Robbie Iobst said...

"So a rainbow is just another instrument playing in the dancing symphony molded by our Creator."

Loretta you paint such beautiful pictures with words. I walked Scooby last night feeling awful and looked up into the night sky and thought about your blog on God's presents to us. I saw the night sky in a new way. Now I can look at rainbows differently,with gratitude and worship. Thank you!

Jan Parrish said...

Great post. I love rainbows and capturing them on my camera.