Saturday, April 26, 2008

Symphonies of a Different Kind

There is nothing like delving into a mystery and following clues. Mysteries with meaning make the quest even more fulfilling.

Sometimes I envy all those scientists who get to spend day after day researching some small part of their field, biochemists with DNA, physicists with quantum mechanics, astronomers with astrophysics, and even climatologists and weather phenomena.

Each of these fields contains their own clues within their own mysteries. In a sterile environment, these scientists work alone or in small groups. They discuss their findings and share them within their fields.

But how often do these scientists go outside their realm and consider the effects that other fields have on their findings?

What if all these fields are related?

In the quantum mechanics world there is a term called “the theory of everything.” The premise is that Newtonian laws and Einstein’s relativity laws all fit together into a bigger view.

What if the “theory of everything” included more than quantum mechanics? Consider the implications of quantum mechanics, biochemistry, astrophysics, climatology, history, genetics, sociology and so much more all dancing together to create a fantastic symphony.

In fact, that is what we have. Just as Beethoven created his famous Fifth Symphony, all our scientific areas of research together form a beautiful symphony waiting for us to investigate. Do we consider the implications of one area on the other? Have we looked with philosophical eyes or just the sterile science eyes?

Whether it is the dance of electrons, neutrinos and quarks, or the dance of the elements of our DNA, the movement of particles throughout the universe is singing to us. Can you hear it?

The Master Creator created this symphony…just for us. Sit and listen a while. Consider the possibilities.

Then consider that Beethoven wrote more than one symphony. If a human can do that, what can the Creator of the Universe do? Now that’s a mystery I can sink my teeth into!


Robbie Iobst said...

For the FIRST time in my life, you make me enjoy science. I wish you'd been my science teacher in Junior High. Instead I got a man who hated science and hated kids. Anyway, I look at the tree outside my window differently this morning because it is part of a symphony. Cool, Loretta. Makes me remember how small I am and how big God is!

Loretta said...

Thanks Robbie! Science is God's creation too!

Thanks for your support!

Jan Parrish said...

What a beautiful picture of science!