Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Water is Love

Water is all around us. We see it and use it every day. Water is essential for all life to exist, as it makes up more than 70% of most living things. Our bodies need water. While a human can survive more than a week without food, a person will die within a few days without water. (Source:

Water molecules have certain properties including: (1) their molecular structure; (2) their bonding habits with other elements; and (3) their bonding habits with other water molecules. Looking at these properties give us insight into the essence of our Creator.

Most of us have somewhere seen a picture of an H2O molecule. There are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom per molecule. The total number of atoms is three, the same number of persons in the Christian Trinity. In other words, there are three atoms in one water molecule, much like there are three persons in one God. But what is really important about this property is that this bond shows three independent atoms coming together as one. It becomes a symbol in science that reflects faith.

The bond that a water molecule forms with other water molecules is what is called a cohesive bond. One water molecule “can bind to two external hydrogen atoms, whereas each hydrogen atom can bind to one adjacent oxygen atom…each water molecule tends to have four nearest neighbors, one in each of the four directions of a tetrahedron.” (Source: Molecular Biology of the Gene, James D. Watson, W.A.Benjamin, Inc., 1976, pg 96.)

A tetrahedron has special meaning in Judaic tradition, something I will talk about in my next posting. But for now, it is important to recognize that water bonds with water in all surrounding directions.

The third property of water is its bonding habits with other elements. It will bind with most other elements, but if that element does not want to bond, it will let it go. This is also another symbol in science that reflects faith. Why? In Christianity we are taught about God’s love and His gift of free will. If we are elements that wish to bond with God, then we are bound. But if we do not wish to cling to God, He will let us go, just as the water molecule will release those elements that don’t want to bond with it.

Our Creator has given us a rich symbol with regard to water.

How do we know this applies to us? Our bodies need water—we need God. Water washes away pain; it cleanses and heals, just as our Creator does if we allow Him in. But if that isn’t enough to convince you, there is a Biblical bridge given to us through the Gospel.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Matt 28:19

Baptism is the first sacrament. Is Jesus reminding us that we need God’s love first?

The conclusion is clear. Water and the properties of water are not random, meaningless aspects of nature. Either is the symbol of water in Christianity. Three in one, bonding and dilution is the key to our existence both physically and metaphysically. Water sustains us on all fronts.

Come back next week to learn about Judaic tradition and the Tetragrammaton. Also hear about scientists who claim water has emotion. There is definitely more to come!

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Robbie Iobst said...

WOW! So cool. God is so THOROUGH! I love this lesson and I am going to have my son read it with me so we can talk about it. Very good, Loretta!